Southern Biologics, Inc.
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Southern Biologics was established in 1978 to broker blood components for manufacturing in both the injectable and diagnostic markets.  Located in Tallahassee, Florida, the company gives personal yet professional attention to blood banks it serves as well as the manufacturers and biotechnology companies who make finished and semi-finished products.

A registered blood establishment since 1978, we are monitored and inspected by the FDA.  Southern Biologics has never been issued a citation of non-compliance from the FDA.  We purchase components from FDA registered and/or licensed blood banks and sell volumes both large and small of recovered plasma (frozen and liquid) outdated red cells, platelets and diagnostic source plasma.  

We believe in conducting business in a manner that enhances the economic and social well being of our society and our industry. Honesty, integrity and fairness are part of our standard operating procedures and we demand the same from our associates, colleagues and employees.  Promoting ethically responsible business practices while furthering a socially conscientious agenda fosters an atmosphere of confidence and charity in local, national and multinational communities.